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MaxCut is used by tens of thousands of woodworkers and cabinetry professionals worldwide to optimise, cost, and manage their cabinetry jobs, with thousands of businesses using MaxCut every day. While MaxCut has a global footprint on woodworkers, a fraction of users ever financially contribute to the product. As a very small business, this makes it extremely challenging for us to operate and stay financially viable.

MaxCut remains committed to continuing to provide an easy-to-use, free experience for hobbyists, education, new businesses (businesses who have been operating for less than six months with less than USD 10k in revenue) or companies trialling the use of MaxCut through evaluating MaxCut Community Editon. The use of MaxCut in established businesses or for commercial purposes outside our definition of a new business or trial requires a Business Edition paid subscription.

MaxCut terms for MaxCut licensing reflect our need to continue to keep our business operating and enable us to continue maintaining and adding value to MaxCut.


MaxCut Community Edition is free for hobbyists, education, new businesses or companies trialling the use of MaxCut.

  1. To qualify as a hobbyist, you should only use MaxCut for non-commercial purposes.
  2. To qualify as education you need to be a registered training organisation and get explicit permission from MaxCut to recognise your training institution status.
  3. To qualify as a new business, you need to have been operating for less than six months with less than USD 10k in revenue.
  4. To qualify as trialling MaxCut, you are allowed a consecutive 90-day window to use MaxCut Community Edition for commercial purposes, following which you need to stop using MaxCut Community Edition for 90 days.

To legally use MaxCut Community Edition you need to meet at least one of the above criteria.

Can I use the Community Edition for commercial purposes?

You can only use MaxCut Community Edition for commercial purposes if you qualify as a new business or are trialling MaxCut. Please see above our definitions for these entities.

How many computers can I install it on?

You can install Community Edition on as many computers as you want.


MaxCut Business Edition is a software sold under a "per device" subscription model, which means you need a valid paid subscription for each device where you want to run the software. The subscription can be bought on a "per year per device" or "per month per device" basis, and once you have an active subscription, you will receive an activation code that enables MaxCut Business Edition to run on a single hardware device for the specified period.

A "Per Device" license allows you to use MaxCut Business Edition on a single machine for multiple users as long as they don't use the software simultaneously using virtualization or any other technology.

There are no trial codes available for MaxCut Business Edition, but you can sign up for a monthly subscription if you want to test the software. You can cancel this subscription at any point. Additionally, we provide a 10-day money-back guarantee if you decide that the Business Edition does not meet your needs.

With an active Business subscription, you qualify for the latest version of MaxCut Business Edition. If you want to move a Business Edition subscription from one device to another, please contact support.

Can I use the Business Edition for commercial purposes?


How many computers can I install it on?

A per device license means that a computer counts as a device. You can install MaxCut Business Edition on as many devices as you have a valid subscription for.

What is the difference between Community Edition and Business Edition?

Community Edition contains all the features necessary for a hobbyist or new business to generate accurate cutting diagrams.

Business Edition is paid for and has all the features of the Community Edition and many more. View the features breakdown section to see the differences between the two editions