MaxCut Software



Play Video about Maxcut Software for Cabinets Cutting List Optimization

Input panel sizes and materials, MaxCut does the rest...

MaxCut is designed for your growing cabinetry business. An easy to use tool that creates optimal cutting plans and accurate costings that you can have confidence in.

Save a fortune on materials! Cut the sheet to its full potential. Avoid costly saw operator mistakes. No more expensive offcuts lying around your workshop or in the bin. 


Accurate quotations. Generate cabinetry quotations quickly, accurately and efficiently, knowing you have the right price and the correct number of sheets for the job every time.

All the reports you need. Print to email cut lists, supplier order lists, cabinet labels, professional quotes and more with no extra effort.

Optimal Cutting Layouts

Easily create optimal cutting diagrams that any panel saw operator can follow. Configure cut layouts for maximum material usage or speed of cutting — no more expensive mistakes from your saw operator by not cutting the sheets to their full potential.

Easy Reuse of Common Cabinets

Do you have common cabinets that you reuse with different customers?
Construct and store them as library items for easy reuse across jobs. Library items are simple to make and will save you so much time.

Accurate Cost Estimates

Generate detailed job costings that give you confidence in what your margins are. Flexible cost configurations allow you to calculate job costs based on materials, cutting charges, edging length, and delivery costs, to name a few. We take the guesswork out of job costings.

Bulk Change Finish Properties

If your customer changes their mind on a finish or cabinet - easily change materials, sizes and attributes for individual or multiple cabinets with minimal effort. Job layout diagrams and costings update automatically.

Professional Quotations

Stand out from your competition by producing professional quotations that give your customers confidence that they are dealing with a professional, established business. Quotations include summaries of all materials used in a job.

Print Panel & Job Item Labels

Easily print panel and job item labels with each component's details. Labels are easy-to-read and give visual representations of how panels should be edged/banded—options to print on label sheets for a regular printer or rolls for a specialised label printer.