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Join users worldwide that have seen the benefits of a MaxCut Business Edition subscription. For a very low subscription fee, you will save hours of time and effort while contributing to this product’s future development. View the features comparison chart for a breakdown of what's included in Business Edition.



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Business Edition gives you ALL the features of our Community Edition and more! Here's why subscribing to Business Edition is a good idea!

Maximise efficiency and productivity.

Maximise your efficiency and productivity with Business Edition. Reuse common cabinet constructions across jobs and projects with library items and the multiply duplicate feature. Change materials, sizes, and properties of groups of cabinets in one go with mass changes. Streamline your paperwork by printing a collection of reports at once with batch reports.

Handle complex cutting projects.

Handle complex cutting projects with ease with advanced cabinetry features, including tension-free cuts, custom saw blade thicknesses for different sheet materials and holes and grooves on panels.

Advanced cost calculations.

Easily calculate job margins by comparing item cost and selling prices, enabling better financial control and informed pricing decisions. Include different labour costs like delivery, installation and assembly costs. Cater for advanced costing calculations like specific cutting charges based on linear cut length of different panels, edging machine charges and more.

"I had a significant productivity boost over Community Edition."

For those who are tired of wasting hours and hours doing quotes and job costings

Ready to boost your productivity and unlock the full potential of MaxCut? Subscribe to our Business Edition and experience the cutting-edge features that will save you hours on creating and costing your cabinetry projects.

Make changes easily and efficiently.

Maximise efficiency with mass changes. Change materials, sizes and attributes for individual or multiple cabinets with minimal effort. Job layout diagrams and costings update automatically.

Save and reuse common cabinet constructions.

Save and reuse common cabinet constructions with unlimited library items, eliminating repetitive manual cabinet constructions across jobs. Build your own collection of library items for increased efficiency and reuse.

Print the right paperwork you need quickly.

Don't get caught up in the paperwork. Customise your report printouts into collections. Print cutting diagrams, order and delivery information for the factory with one click or customer quotations and banking details with another.

"Business Edition allows me to effortlessly manage complex cabinetry projects"

For those who want to handle complex cutting projects with ease

Effortlessly execute intricate cutting tasks by utilising advanced cabinetry features of Business Edition. These include tension-free cuts on panels, custom saw blade thicknesses for different sheet materials and holes and groove details on panels.

Get precise tension-free cuts.

Ensure precise, accurate cuts preserving the integrity of your sheet material. Significantly reduce stress during the cutting process using tension-free cuts.

Different optimisation settings for different materials.

Different cutting methods depending on sheet material type? We've got you covered! Set things like saw blade thickness and trim settings to the sheet material type. You cut common sheet materials one way and special, high-value sheet materials another.

Holes and groove details on each panel.

Define hole and groove details on panels. You have complete control over size and position. Holes and grooving detail go all the way through to optimisation diagrams and printouts.

"I now know exactly what my costs are and the profit I make for every job."

For those who want to make informed decisions about their pricing and job profitability

Say goodbye to guestimates and hello to accurate job costings. Subscribe now to Business Edition and get accurate, detailed costs on every part for every job.

Cost vs selling price comparisons.

Easily calculate job margins by comparing item costs and selling prices. Know exactly what you make and where the margins are.

Accurate labour costs.

Accurate labour costs for cutting, assembly and delivery of jobs. If something takes more effort to do, charge more for it.

Precise cutting and edging cost calculations.

Have a precise and fair costing system by catering for advanced machine charges. Charge actual cut length rates for cutting panels and edging rates for edge banding, automatically adjusting rates depending on the material being processed.

"Business Edition is one of the best investments I've made this year."