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Library Items – Easy Reuse of Common Cabinets

Are you tired of spending hours creating quotes and orders for your cabinetry business? Introducing MaxCut's library items – the perfect solution for streamlining your job creation workflow.


What are Library Items?

With library items, you can pre-save a mixture of components – such as panels, hardware, and edging – under a single name. Then, when producing a quote, select the library items you need, and MaxCut will add all the associated components as grouped constructions to the job.


Library items are a useful tool when creating "built-up" products that you plan to produce multiple times. While the Community Edition of MaxCut restricts you to 8 library items, the Business Edition allows you to create as many library items as you want that you can use in current and future projects.


Why use them?

Overall, building up a library of cabinet constructions is a valuable tool for producing accurate and efficient quotes. It has several benefits, including:


  • Speed and efficiency: Having a pre-saved library of cabinet constructions allows you to quickly generate quotes for customers without starting from scratch each time. This can save time and enable you to respond promptly to customer inquiries.
  • Consistency: Having a library of cabinet constructions can help to ensure that quotes are consistent and accurate, as the configurations have been pre-designed and checked for correctness. This can help to reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Customization: While a library of cabinet constructions provides a starting point for quotes, you can adjust any item added to a job. This allows you to offer custom constructions and solutions while still being able to work efficiently.


Library items are one way that MaxCut helps you optimize your cabinetry business. Don't miss out – start using MaxCut's library items today and see the difference they can make!


Looking for a way to make customizations quickly and efficiently? MaxCut's Mass Changes functionality allows you to do just that. Learn more about this powerful feature and why it works hand in hand with library items.

Picture of MaxCut main screen with a full catalogue of library items on the left.

MaxCut is more than a powerful panel optimiser. By utilising advanced algorithms, in a matter of seconds, it works out precisely the amount of materials, the cost analysis, job breakdown and produces all the paperwork you need to successfully make and sell your job. Subscribe now to the Business Edition to get the most for your cabinetry business!