MaxCut Software

Mass Change Components

As a cabinetry professional, you know that efficiency and accuracy are key to running a successful business. That's where MaxCut comes in – the ultimate tool for generating optimal cutting layouts and costing cabinetry jobs.


One of the key features of MaxCut is the ability to make mass changes to components in your jobs. This means that you can make updates to multiple items at once, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.


You can make mass changes on:

  • Component Material
  • Panel Sizes
  • Panel Holes & Grooving
  • Component Quanitities
  • Panel Long and Short Expansion

For example, if you have a customer who keeps changing their mind on finishes, you can easily update the materials for all the relevant components in one go using MaxCut's mass change feature. Simply select the components you want to change, choose the new material, and apply the change. Voila! This saves you tons of time and ensures that you have accurate quotes and orders for your customers, even when they're indecisive.


Mass changes is especially useful when working on large projects with many different components where making manual changes one by one is tedious, time consuming and error prone.


Take the effort out of making repetitive changes with Mass Changes and streamline your workflow with MaxCut. Try it today and see how it can help your cabinetry business save time and improve its operations.


MaxCut is more than a powerful panel optimiser. By utilising advanced algorithms, in a matter of seconds, it works out precisely the amount of materials, the cost analysis, job breakdown and produces all the paperwork you need to successfully make and sell your job. Subscribe now to the Business Edition to get the most for your cabinetry business!