MaxCut Software

Custom Data and Settings File Location

Having the ability to specify a custom data and settings file location in MaxCut is a valuable feature for many users. It allows them to save their files on cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for added backup and accessibility.


This feature is especially useful for users who need to access their files from multiple devices or locations. By saving these files on a cloud storage platform, they can easily access them from any device with an internet connection. This is especially convenient for users who work remotely on different machines.


Another benefit of this feature is the ability to share files with other users. By storing files on a cloud storage platform, users can easily share materials and library items with colleagues across machines. This is a great way to keep everyone up-to-date and in sync.


The specifying custom data and settings file locations is just another example of the many valuable features offered by subscribing to MaxCut Business Edition.


MaxCut is more than a powerful panel optimiser. By utilising advanced algorithms, in a matter of seconds, it works out precisely the amount of materials, the cost analysis, job breakdown and produces all the paperwork you need to successfully make and sell your job. Subscribe now to the Business Edition to get the most for your cabinetry business!