MaxCut Software

Updated Terms of Use – Taking effect 1st of September 2023

MaxCut is used by tens of thousands of woodworkers and cabinetry professionals worldwide to optimise, cost, and manage their cabinetry jobs, with thousands of businesses using MaxCut every day. While MaxCut has a global footprint on woodworkers, a fraction of users ever financially contribute to the product. As a very small business, this makes it extremely challenging for us to operate and stay financially viable

Today we’re announcing updates to our product licensing, which will enable MaxCut to continue adding value to our product in a manner sustainable for MaxCut.

What you need to know: We are adjusting our terms of use for MaxCut Community Edition.

MaxCut remains committed to continuing to provide an easy-to-use, free experience for hobbyists, education, new businesses (businesses who have been operating for less than six months with less than USD 10k in revenue) or companies trialling the use of MaxCut through evaluating MaxCut Community Editon. The use of MaxCut in established businesses or for commercial purposes outside our definition of a new business or trial requires a Business Edition paid subscription.

The updated terms for MaxCut licensing reflect our need to continue to keep our business operating and enable us to continue maintaining and adding value to MaxCut. These new terms take effect September 1st, 2023, and there is a grace period until November 1, 2023 for those who require a paid subscription to use.

For our most up to date terms of use visit this page.