MaxCut Software

Print Panel & Job Item Labels

MaxCut prints clear and accurate panel and cabinet labels. They are easy to read and help with manufacturing and installation. As a result, they are a must-have for your workshop and installation teams.


Labels provide visual guidance for everyone involved in the manufacturing and installation process, from cutting to edging to assembly. No more picking up a panel and wondering if it's an offcut or meant for a specific job!


Why label the components of your cabinets?

Labelling the components has four key benefits:

  1. Organisation: Labeling components help keep the manufacturing process organised and efficient. For example, it allows workers to quickly identify the various parts and where they belong because they can just read the label on the panel.
  2. Quality control: Labeling components helps with quality control. Labelling each part makes it easier to ensure that panels are cut and edged correctly because the cut and edging info is on the label.
  3. Assembly: Labeling components makes it easier to assemble cabinets. When you can clearly identify each part and the cabinet it belongs to from the label. As a result the assembly process is more efficient and accurate.
  4. Installation: When it's time for installation, labels make it easy to keep track of all the cabinets you need. With numbering showing how many of you need, you'll know what to take to the job site. Complete the installation efficiently without any costly round trips or delays.


Do you need a specialised label printer?

While we recommend a dedicated label printer, MaxCut allows you to choose from label sheets for a regular printer or rolls for a specialised label printer. With this flexibility, you can dip your toe into using labels and, once you see the benefit, fully commit.


Trust MaxCut to help you efficiently label your components and streamline your installation process. Take your cabinetry business to the next level with MaxCut. Give it a try and see the benefits for yourself.

Picture of sample labels produced by MaxCut

MaxCut is more than a powerful panel optimiser. By utilising advanced algorithms, in a matter of seconds, it works out precisely the amount of materials, the cost analysis, job breakdown and produces all the paperwork you need to successfully make and sell your job. Subscribe now to the Business Edition to get the most for your cabinetry business!