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Sheet Trim Settings per Sheet Material Type

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Why does sheet trim matter?

Sheet trim refers to the process of cutting excess material from a sheet or panel to achieve the desired size or shape. It involves removing any irregular or unwanted edges, making the sheet more precise and aesthetically pleasing.


Sheet trim is important for several reasons:


  1. Size and Fit: Properly trimming the sheet ensures that it meets the required dimensions for its intended application. This is crucial for components like cabinets, countertops, furniture, or flooring, where accurate sizing is essential for proper installation and functionality.
  2. Appearance: The trim process helps enhance the overall appearance of the sheet. Removing rough or uneven edges leads to a cleaner, more professional look. It eliminates imperfections, such as splintered or jagged edges, which can negatively affect the visual appeal of the finished product.
  3. Efficiency: Trimmed sheets can be more efficiently utilized during the manufacturing process, minimizing waste. By removing excess material, manufacturers can optimize the use of resources and reduce costs. It ensures that each sheet is utilized to its maximum potential, minimizing scrap and maximizing yield.
  4. Safety: Cutting away excess material also helps improve safety. Removing sharp or protruding edges reduces the risk of accidental cuts or injuries during handling, installation, or use of the finished products. Trimmed sheets are generally safer to work with and handle.

Overall, proper sheet trim is essential in the cabinet industry as it ensures accurate sizing, enhances the appearance, maximizes resource utilization, and improves safety. It plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality panel products to customers.


How does MaxCut handle sheet trim settings?

In the Community Edition of MaxCut, you can only set a single sheet trim setting which gets used for all materials. This means you cannot customize the sheet trim for different materials in a single job.


In Business Edition, you can specify different sheet trim settings for different sheet materials. This means you can cater for cutting different trims on different sheet materials types in a single job.


Handling different sheet trim settings in a single job is another example where the customization options offered by the Business Edition make all the difference.

Sheet Trim Settings

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