MaxCut Software

No Time-delayed Start-up Screen

Do you want to take your cabinetry business to the next level? Subscribe to MaxCut Business Edition - it's a smart decision that will save you time and money.


For example, the annoying startup advertising screen you see in Community Edition is removed. Instead of waiting, in Business Edition you start MaxCut without any delays. This is especially useful if you use MaxCut daily.


Overall, the Business Edition is designed to help your growing cabinetry business. For the cost of a small subscription fee, you get this benefit and many more.


MaxCut is more than a powerful panel optimiser. By utilising advanced algorithms, in a matter of seconds, it works out precisely the amount of materials, the cost analysis, job breakdown and produces all the paperwork you need to successfully make and sell your job. Subscribe now to the Business Edition to get the most for your cabinetry business!