MaxCut Software

MaxCut Features

Accurate Cost Estimates

In a world where material prices continue to increase, having accurate component pricing is crucial. That’s where MaxCut comes in. MaxCut is the ultimate tool for costing your cabinetry jobs.   For example, MaxCut does you job cost analysis for you. To get this, you set up your material costs entering both your cost and …

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Optimal Cutting Layouts

Are you tired of wasting valuable materials and time in your cabinetry business? Introducing MaxCut – the ultimate solution for optimizing your cutting layouts.   With MaxCut, creating optimal cutting diagrams has never been easier. For example, simply configure your cut layouts for maximum material usage or speed of cutting. Let MaxCut’s advanced algorithms do …

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Mass Change Components

As a cabinetry professional, you know that efficiency and accuracy are key to running a successful business. That’s where MaxCut comes in – the ultimate tool for generating optimal cutting layouts and costing cabinetry jobs.   One of the key features of MaxCut is the ability to make mass changes to components in your jobs. …

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Cost vs Selling Comparisons

MaxCut is the ultimate tool for managing your costs and maximizing your margins on a cabinetry job. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of features, you can easily calculate the costs and profits of each job, ensuring that you’re making the most of every opportunity.   Entering the cost prices of your materials …

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